House Levelling


One of the reasons why we set this company up was because we wanted to use our skills to make the community we live in safer for everyone. This means that, over time, we were able to build a trusted and reputable contractors that has a great reputation for supporting the local community – with our customer service, our civil volunteering and our ability to increase the structural soundness, and thereby security, of people’s households. You really couldn’t ask for more and it is this that keeps us motivated day by day. Have a look through this service page to see what we are able to offer when it comes to house levelling.


It may seem a bit strange to think about house levelling. After all, you don’t live in the leaning tower of Pisa… however, you would be surprised by the amount of houses that could do with a levelling job. There are many reasons for this but what it amounts to is making sure that every slab, or area, of the foundations that keep your house level is just that – level. Over time, these things, which seem to be perfectly natural aspects of the physics of construction, can be in jeopardy. Make sure that you are in good shape with a contract from us.


There are different options when it comes to house levelling techniques and a lot of this depends on the material of your foundations as well as the state of the soil. If you want to learn more about the importance of soil, visit our draining service page, but essentially, the age and the water retention levels can mean that certain areas get saturated and weakened over time, which under the foundations can make the whole structure of the house sink on one side. Make sure this doesn’t happen with a great service from our house levelling department.


Here, the inspections stage is very important. There are many things that we need to test. We would like to be looking at the state of the soil here, as well as the moisture in the walls and the joints, beams and links that hold it all together. That is why we need to run inspections and you should stay away from any company that doesn’t think it is important to come and have a look at a building before they give you costs. They simply can’t know how much work needs to be put in beforehand. We will always give accurate costs and time frames.

Give Us A Call

No matter what kind of problems you are experiencing – even if you don’t think you are in need of a levelling job but another house in the area is and you want to check – we are happy to come and have a look. Contact us by email or over the phone and we will come and let you know what state your house is in and whether you need a service from us.