​Drainage Services

There are few things that are more important to foundational security than drainage. This may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you out there but it is true and we want to explain why! So, if you have a concern about your foundations and you don’t want to get them ripped out and replaced, it is a very good idea to see if drainage might be the root cause of all of your problems. We have more jobs where this is the case than not. On this service page we will explain what you can do about it.


Well, it all comes down to a phenomenon called virgin soil. This is when the soil around a house is sufficiently disturbed as to take in much more water than it did before. When a house is built, the soil is disturbed as the foundation is set in. This then means that is becomes virgin soil – new soil that has to settle before it becomes like the rest of the soil in your land, which has remained undisturbed for a long time – possibly hundreds of years in some cases. So, this is quite a bit deal and we want to make sure you are well prepared for it.


The result of all this disturbance is that water can more easily work its way between the loose grains. It will become waterlogged and saturated before becoming a little bit too full. When this happens, the water will try to move anywhere else and, if the soil is next to foundations or basement walls, that is where the water will do. Even if there are bricks separating the two spaces, the water will find its way through via osmosis and there won’t be much you are able to do about it.


This is where we are able to install a drain to get rid of that water before it is able to seep through and the whole structure becomes damaged. We will fit drains, with pumps if necessary, and the water will have somewhere to go. Then, when you are in danger of saturation after a heavy rainfall, you are able to sit tight and wait, because the drains will be doing their job. If you have a drainage system already, we are very happy to come in and inspect it if it looks like it isn’t working, and we are able to replace it if we need to with something that works better.


There are many reasons why a drainage system might stop working as you want it to and we are able to come and give you the solutions you need when you need them. This can range from a clean up job after leaf fall to a treatment of the metal grids that encase and cover the drains. Whatever you need, we are able to do it. So, give us a call today for free estimate or an email and Longview Foundation Repair will be there to help!