Crawlspace, Pier and Beam Repair

There are many reasons why you might need a crawlspace or a pier and beam repair service done. We are the professionals that you can call in to perform this work for you. We will come and diagnose any problems first, which already make us more attentive than some of the other contractors out there. Then, afterwards, we make sure that you are offered a plan of action that you can agree with, and we will come over and do the work! We are the number one service in the are for a reason and we are open for new contracts from today! Get in touch.


Crawlspaces are the area under your house that separates the structure from the ground. Depending on where you live, you might use a crawlspace to make sure that you are not a guesthouse for creepy crawlies or at risk of flooding damage. Also, they are used to house electronics and plumbing equipment. For all these reasons, it is a good idea to make sure that yours is structurally sound. However, there is also another very important point to make here – they are the foundations for your building’s stability as well. Keep them in good condition.

Pier and Beam

Pier and beam foundations are often coupled with crawlspaces because they act as foundational attachments and connectors. We have all the tools and the expertise to come and perform lots of different services on pier and beams. If you need a repair and house leveling job done, we are able to do it, no matter which materials your’s features or how long they have been left without any kind of maintenance. Just give us a call or send us an email (details found on this website) and we will be able to organise a service for you.


The repair work that we do here at Longview Foundation Repair is necessarily dependent upon what needs doing. For example, if you are experiencing rot or mold damage, then it is wood treatment that we need to be thinking about. Whereas, if you are in danger of structural unsoundness when it comes to metal, there are other considerations that will have to be taken into account. By and large, we are able to meet anything that you put in front of us and find the solution to your problem. We haven’t been unable to yet and we don’t plan on it at any point soon!

Our Process

Our process is always the same for every job that we do. It starts of with a point of communication, by you usually, then we are able to perform an inspection and tell you what we think the best thing to do is. This will be followed by a blueprint and costings as well as a time frame and a start date. Once you have agreed, we are able to do what we do best: get the job done! You are guaranteed to be happy by the end of the day’s work.